3 WhatsApp Latest Features for Android

WhatsApp has added three new features for Android users. First, the user can add a description in the WhatsApp group, either admin or group member. Second, users can also switch from phone calls to video calls directly. And the third, WhatsApp adds the time duration to delete the ‘wrong room’ message increases by more than an hour.


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To be able to use these features, Android users should update WhatsApp to version 2.18.54. The group description feature allows all members of the group to know important information to keep in mind. How to affix it, click the subject or group name in the top bar. Then, write the description you want to be submitted to a group member with a maximum of 512 characters.

Once written, a blue colored pop-up appears in the conversation window informing you that one member has changed the group description. The pop-up then directs the group members, to see its new description, simply by tapping the pop-up.

Pop-up description will be embedded in the conversation window. So if there are new members who are invited, still will be able to mlihat description. Group member search is also available directly from the info group window.

This update also takes the transfer of phone calls to video calls directly, provided that between the caller and the recipient, has updated WhatsApp to the new version. Later, the video call icon button will appear in the middle, replacing the existing message icon in the previous version.

WhatsApp has also extended the duration of deleting messages for all, from just seven minutes, now to eight hours and 16 seconds. Reported by geekandtech.com of The Verge , Monday (19/3/2018), about the reasons for such a specific extension of time, WhatsApp did not elaborate further.

This additional time can give users a loophole to erase traces of incorrect messages or temporary messages. Because, WhatsApp does not have a secret conversation feature like in Facebook Messenger, where the conversation is only temporary, not reserved by the sender or recipient of the message.

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