6 Tips Shoot with “Smartphone”

Take a picture to capture a variety of things on the way is one of the activities that must be done when traveling. For many people, smartphones are always in the grip is a mainstay device for this one. Today’s smartphones have a capture quality that is no less than a stand alone digital camera.

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Smartphones are also practical to upload shots to social media because it is directly connected to the internet. In order for more beautiful shots, there are some tips that can be done when shooting with a smartphone. Check out more below.

1. Make sure the camera lens is clean. This one problem may sound trivial, but it is actually crucial because it can greatly affect the picture. Stained lenses can make photos look blurry, or as if foggy. “No need special tools to clean it. Cleaned with clothes is enough.

Especially for some Samsung Galaxy smartphones, such as Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, the device will notify the user if the camera lens detected in a dirty state when trying to take pictures. Users can directly clean up to keep the photo looks maximal.

2. Find leading lines for interesting compositions. Leading lines are the line elements in the photo that “guide” the eye to trace the photo frame, such as a path at the end of which there is an interesting object.

“Leading lines of this form can be road or geometric structure. But it does not have to be, because it could also be something like a hill pattern in the desert. With leading lines, smartphone users can snap photos with geometric and symmetry patterns. See the emergence of opportunities for this composition in the neighborhood.

3. Pay attention to light. In order to maximize the quality of shots, all cameras need sufficient light. The direction and color of the light also determine the end result of the image and can give a dramatic visual effect to the photo.

“The shadows that appear can reinforce the shape, making the dimensions of an object become more visible”. Shooting in the morning or evening when the sun shines from the side of the object will give different results from daylight, when the sun is perpendicular on top.

At night or in the room, mobile phones like the Galaxy S9 duo equipped with optical image stablizer can reduce the shake to maximize the sharpness of the picture, free of motion blur. Likewise, the wide-open lens (f / 1.5, for the Galaxy S9 duo) to maximize the light entering the camera sensor during low-light.

4. “Frame” the image with the frame. One of the usual composition techniques used and can also be applied in the photography of smartphones is framing aka create a “frame in the picture frame”.

By placing an object in a “frame”, the eye’s attention can be more focused on the object, while providing an interesting visual effect. “This frame can be various, such as windows, doors, tunnels, gates, natural objects such as tree branches, even reflections in the water can be used to frame the object” .

5. Save battery. Camera (digital) that runs out of battery is pointless, as well as for smartphones. No battery means you can not take pictures. Therefore the importance of keeping the gadget battery while traveling. Moreover, not necessarily the destination or the surrounding area provides electric plugs to charge the device battery.

“Usually when traveling to areas that are difficult signal, phone change to airplane mode to save battery. The phone will continue to look for signals when the signal is weak or absent so it can waste battery.

6. Enjoy with your own eyes. Photographing is exciting, but cautioned that the traveler not merely see the scenery through the screen. “Keep your camera or mobile phone and watch with your eyes. The beauty that needs to be balanced with the enjoyed through the eyes themselves as well. Update on social media did not need to be done at that time, but can wait for later time.

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