Latest Firefox Can Block Message Sucks

This week, Mozilla released Firefox 59 internet browser for PC, Mac and Android platforms. There are a number of updates related to performance, privacy, and security that are included. One of the new capabilities of interest is the feature to block annoying messages.



This message is a request to send a notification by a website. Sometimes the message is also an access permission to the camera, microphone, or location of the device. The option to block pop-up notifications from the site can be found in the “Preferences” menu.

Here, the user can set up whitelist which sites are allowed to display pop-up notifications , while the rest can be blocked. Another security update is applied to Private Browsing which now removes path information, so a site can not track which sites previously visited Firefox 59 users.

In terms of performance, Firefox 59 is promised to be able to load web pages faster by accessing cache from the user’s hard disk or from the network. The process of rendering graphics through Off-Man-Thread Painting that previously existed for Windows in Firefox 58, now already present in the Mac, as summarized geekandtech from ZD Net.

Especially for Android version, Mozilla includes Firefox as Assist App. So, users can do internet search via Firefox just by pressing the home button for a while, replacing Google Assistant which is usually called for that purpose.

As always, Firefox updates are routed automatically. Mozilla will update the Firefox browser installed on each user’s device. Users can also visit to download the browser manually.

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