Look at 20 Hours Nonstop Cell Phone, This Woman “Freeze”

A woman of origin China suffered blood clots, after 20 hours of staring at her mobile screen nonstop. 47-year-old woman is a migrant worker who is traveling long distance by train for 20 hours. She plans to return to work after spending the Lunar New Year holiday last month.



During that journey, she stared at his cell phone screen to get off at the last stop. When about to get off the train, the woman can hardly talk and it is difficult to move one side of her limbs. Then, she was immediately taken to the hospital and operated for three hours.

“We have a lot of frozen blood, almost two centimeters in total, that size is twice that of patients in general”, explains the doctor’s head of the Jinan University Hospital in Guangzhou. Meng Heng. The woman mentioned, according to the doctor, did not move because the condition of the train crowded, and chose to play the phone with a sloping position to the right.

“In conclusion, he remained in the same body position during the trip which then pressed the veins on the right side of his neck”, added the doctor Meng Heng, as quoted geekandtech from New York Post, Thursday (22/3/2018). Doctors warn, that being in a constant body position for a long time while playing a mobile phone , is very dangerous.

Health threats due to excessive mobile activity, has also occurred in China before. A 21-year-old woman suffered blindness in one of her eyes after playing the Honor of Kings game on her mobile for a full day without stopping and without changing her posture.

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