WhatsApp Founder Invites Netizens to Delete Facebook

Facebook was hit by a storm crisis of confidence after 50 million user account data revealed leaked to unauthorized parties. The scandal has attracted the attention of many, one of the former founders of WhatsApp who called for a “delete Facebook” invitation.

delete facebook

Through his Twitter account, Brian Acton wrote the #DeleteFacebook (hashtag delete Facebook). Then the hashtag is discussed and retweeted by over 1,800 Twitter users. Brian Acton is one of the founders of WhatsApp who worked with Jan Koum to develop this app.

Brian worked for about four years after WhatsApp acquired Facebook. He then left Facebook and set up an instant messaging app via Signal Foundation about six months ago.

Reported by geekandtech from Cnet , Wednesday (21/3/2018), the man who is known to have been involved in the field of encryption and data privacy does not explain in detail the reason for writing the hashtag. Although very clear, this hashtag related to the scandal leaked 50 million data users Facebook.

The public is highlighting the problem of data security of Facebook users. Because the security of this privacy has always been a hot issue and continues to be heralded in this digital era. A few days ago it was revealed there were as many as 50 million personal data of Facebook users stolen and stored by data analysis firm, Cambridge Analytica.

Not only that, Facebook user data is also in the archives of Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL). Both are mutually affiliated companies. Quoted from Bloomberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, Cambridge Analytica gets the data through third party application developers.

These third-party companies harvest data from 50 million unauthorized users. Of the 50 million data users Facebook scattered in the hands of third parties, 30 million of which are complete to map someone. If so, user privacy is no longer privacy.

Because of this scandal, Facebook shares are reportedly plunged 6.77 percent after the leak information circulated. The value of the company valuation was down to 36 billion US dollars in line with investor concerns over the case of data leaks that hit Facebook.

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