Calendar Mac Application Quietly Mining of Virtual Money

The script or the virtual currency miner ( cryptominer ) malware that confiscates device resources secretly is often found on internet sites and mobile apps created to trick users. Later, a similar application was found in a calendar application for a Mac computer platform called Calendar 2 that inserted a cryptominer for Monero, a bitcoin’s virtual currency.


Cryptocurrency on a circuit board

The creator of the application actually from the beginning has explained its intention to use the user’s computer to mine the virtual money as one of the payment options to enable all features in the application.

Only, apparently there are bugs that cause cryptomining activity can not stop once executed. As a result, Calendar 2 user computers can suddenly slow with the number of CPU usage that soared. “Calendar 2 for Mac (from the App Store) runs unlicensed cryptocurrency miners. CPU computer used up to 200 percent until I find the application and turn it off, “complained a user on Twitter.

Apple party reportedly did not answer the e-mail about the behavior of the application of Calendar 2 which was posted by ArsTechnica. Within 24 hours of being sent, the app can still be downloaded from the Mac app store and has not been acted upon by Apple.

On the other hand, the developer maker Calendar 2, Qbix, said that the non-stop virtual currency mining made by its application is the result of a program error ( bug ). Having been flooded with complaints and criticism from its users, Qbix decided to remove the payment feature with cryptominer in the next version of Calendar 2.


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