iPhone with Biggest Screen Size Release This Year?

Rumors mention if Apple will launch three iPhones at once this year. First is the upgraded iPhone X with the same screen size of 5.8 inches, cheap iPhone X version with the main features are similar and last, another model with a jumbo screen spans 6.5 inches. Last model predicted as iPhone X Plus.


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If it is true that the iPhone X Plus will carry a 6.5-inch screen, then the device will become the iPhone with the largest screen size ever made Apple. The 6.5-inch jumbo display is expected to support better multi-tasking requirements and split screen capabilities.

Reportedly, the jumbo iPhone is in the middle of production testing with several major suppliers. Photos showing an OLED screen with a larger size than iPhone X are also circulating on the internet. Reportedly, the photo comes from the manufacturer of LG iPhone screen supplier.

In the production test, the jumbo iPhone was codenamed D33. From the outstanding prototype, D33 looks similar to the design of the iPhone X complete with notch on the top screen. Notch (bangs screen) is smaller than the previous iPhone X.

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Together with two other models, the D33 will feature an edge-to-edge display and TrueDepth camera sensor, meaning that it will probably use the Face ID system. Apple’s next-generation chipset will be embedded A12, while the A11 Bionic chipset that previously existed in iPhone X 2017 output, is expected to appear for cheaper versions.

Launched Infocommworld.com from The Next Web, Tuesday (27/2/2018), Apple is also rumored to be considering the dual SIMcard option for the iPhone 6.5 inches.

Apple is also considering using E-SIM technology, which previously has been in the iPad and Apple Watch. With E-SIM, users can connect with multiple networks, especially if traveling abroad, without having to dismantle the pairs of SIM cards.

Although the iPhone jumbo screen is in the “phablet” category (the category of phones with screen sizes between 5-7 inches), but Apple seems reluctant to use the term.

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