How to Overcome the Wasteful Battery in Android because Google Play Service

From many applications on Android devices, Google Play Service is a vital application to run the operating system on the device. It can be said, Google Play Service is a package of application programming interfaces (APIs) that some overshadow applications installed on Android.


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The Google Play Service serves as a waiter for syncing Google accounts, such as Gmail e-mail, Google Maps maps, and location tracking (GPS). Because it serves many apps, the Google Play Service takes up more power, thus making the battery wasteful. However, it is possible battery is saved, ie by way of setting up in applications that require Google Play Service. Here’s how.

Location settings

The location feature (GPS) is called the most power suck. When an app requires location tracking, they will ask Google Play Service to enable the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is only embedded in the Google Play Service, not on apps requesting location. GPS radio is what needs a lot of power supply.

To conserve battery life on legacy Android OS like Android 7.0 Nougat down, go to the Settings menu , then select Location , and change the mode to Battery saving. As for Android Oreo, go to Settings menu, then select Security and location (security and location) then change to battery saving mode.

This setting will prevent Google Play Service from enabling GPS when the app is requesting location permissions. Of course, the consequence is that location tracking is less accurate because it relies on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular networks to determine location, not using GPS like when using high accuracy modes.

So, if you need more precise location tracking, the mode can be set back to high accuracy mode. Also called Google Search app requires a lot of location from Google Play Service. This is to display weather information and so forth more precisely.

Sync settings If the battery remains wasteful after location set-up, try to make the settings on the sync. For Android devices other than Android version of Oreo, how to open Settings Settings menu, scroll down and select Account. Then, tap on the vertical three dot icon in the top right corner, then uncheck Auto-sync data.

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