Data Recorded by Apple Watch became The Key Of Murder Cases

Apple smart watch devices can record all the conditions of the wearer. One is the heartbeat sensor function that can record the health condition of the user. Unexpectedly, this feature was also able to help the police arrest the perpetrators of murder.


apple watch

In Australia by the end of 2016, Myrna Nilsson (57) was found dead at his home in Adelaide. When killed, an Apple Watch is tied to his arm. From the data recorded by this smart device the police then arrested the perpetrators of the murder. Based on this evidence, Caroline Nilsson, who is the daughter-in-law of Myrna Nilsson, became the sole suspect.

At first, Caroline confessed that before she died, her mother-in-law came home followed by several men, and got into a fight in front of the house for about 20 minutes. Caroline admitted she was tied up in the kitchen and the door was locked. But data data at Apple Watch shows the time span when the victim is attacked to death is about seven minutes.

Based on this data Caroline allegedly as the perpetrator who broke into the house, and killed her father-in-law. According to Carmen Matteo, the prosecutor who handles the case, Apple Watch is being subjected to Myrna became an important evidence after some analysis was done on the data recorded in the device.

He said the data were obtained from heartbeat sensors that track the movement and the activities of Myrna on the day of his death. The data shows there is a change in victim activity around 18:38. At that time the perpetrator is known to be in the victim’s home.

“The victim was attacked at around 18:38 and confirmed dead at 18:45,” said Matteo as quoted, Tuesday (3/4/2018) from from He also added, from the data analyzed showed that the previous victim’s heart condition is still consistent and tend to be safe. But his body then went into shock and lost consciousness.

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