Will the iPhone Use the Fingerprint Scanner on the Screen?

First exhibited on smartphones earlier this year, fingerprint scanner technology on the screen is predicted to be increasingly crowded to be applied in each product by Android manufacturers. What about Apple?

Samsung fingerprint scanner

The company bearing the bitten apple was allegedly still not interested in the in-display fingerprint scanner . At least that is according to the prediction of industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known as the “great fortune teller” about the upcoming gadget from Apple.

According to Kuo, who works at TF International Securities, Apple has indeed left Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) technology to use a wider screen on the next generation iPhone. Like the iPhone X released last year, the three iPhone models that are allegedly going to launch soon on September 12 will reportedly rely on Face ID face recognition technology as a device locking biometrics.

As summarized from Apple Insider, Friday (7/9/2018), Kuo reasoned that Apple considered Face ID technology to be well received by consumers so it was worth continuing. In addition, the in-display fingerprint scanner technology only works optimally with OLED display panel types (like the iPhone X).

While Apple allegedly still wants to maintain the LCD type screen for the iPhone model that is the cheapest. The opposite is predicted to happen in the world of Android which, according to Kuo, will begin to be enlivened by the appearance of a device with a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

He, for example, said that the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship would carry this technology in 2019. Kuo predicts that the in-display fingerprint scanner technology will experience a year-over-year growth of 500 percent during 2019.

If it is matched with the estimated sales of smartphones with fingerprint scanners on the screen – that is Vivo X21 – as many as 3 million units, then next year there will probably be 15 million circulating devices with these technologies on the market.


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