How to Change YouTube Views to Black

Google has added a series of features for YouTube users. Finally, this search engine giant adds a dark theme or Dark Mode to YouTube applications on iOS and Android. At first specifically for Android, the distribution of this feature is still not evenly distributed.

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There are still some users in certain regions who still cannot find this feature. But now, the Dark Mode feature in the YouTube application has been distributed evenly on all Android devices, including in Indonesia. The way to use this feature is very easy.

First, the user must update the YouTube application through the Google Play Store. Versions that are compatible with this mode are 13.35.51. If you have updated, you can enter the YouTube application then click on your icon or profile photo in the top right. After that you will find several options.

Select the Settings option, then enter the General option. There you will find several toggles that can be activated. For the Dark Mode activation option, the toggle is between the choices “remind me to take a break and” mobile data usage limit. “You can activate the dark mode by toggling the” Dark theme “.


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