Will Sony Stop Mobile Phone?

Sony smartphone business is increasingly slumped making this Japanese company is rumored to be stopped producing smart phones. This is indicated by Sony’s business plan in the next three years made by Sony’s new CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida.

Sony Xperia XZ

Kenichiro who replaced Kaz Hirai’s position insists that the company will begin to focus on services and businesses that generate profits. In a presentation, Kenichiro did not mention the line of smart phones as one that will be focused.

Not just smart phones, other electronic business lines like the PlayStation is not mentioned Kenichiro in the exposure of the business plan. Quoted from Bloomberg , Thursday (24/05/2018), some parties predict that Sony will focus more on the manufacture of sensors for digital cameras and camera phones.

Because this business line is quite a lot of profits on the company so Kenichiro decided to boost the creation of this sensor. Nevertheless from the business presentation is still difficult to conclude whether whether Sony really decided to retire to produce smart phones or just a “vacuum” within three years.

Keep going downhill When viewed from the sales report, it makes sense if Sony wants to retire from the smartphone business line. The number of sales that are continuously dropped significantly can indeed be a major factor.

In 2018 it was recorded that Sony sold about 10 million units of mobile phones globally. This figure fell drastically from 22.5 million units in 2017 last year in the same period. The decline of even more than 50 percent from last year is a big job that must be addressed by Kenichiro.

Moreover, so far Sony is only able to gain considerable revenue from the Asian market. Beyond that, Sony even stumbled and “beaten” all-out by other smartphone vendors. This condition is already fitting to make Sony more realistic to see the state of the market.

Not long ago Sony also said it would soon retire their flagship console, PlayStation 4 for not meeting sales expectations. Sony’s recent plans to retire the PlayStation 4 are considered commonplace by some. Because the behavior of the market is now slowly changing from console games to mobile games.


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