Latest Instagram Can Block Friends Without “Unfollow”

Instagram will land the feature “mute” (silencing) to eliminate the sending of photos or video someone from timeline. Not only submissions, this feature will also give you another option to remove Instagram Stories from the muted account. This new feature will be released Instagram in the next few weeks.

mute feature instagram

When it arrives, how to use it is quite easy. Tap the three dot icon in the right corner of the account post you want to mute, or it could be by opening their account profile, then click the same icon. Then, select the option “Mute”, then choose whether to only remove posts or Instagram Stories only, or both.

Users who do “mute” to one of their accounts, can still peek at the muted account. In addition, users can still send messages directly (direct message), and get a notification if they are marked in the shipping of the account that is muted.

The dismissed account owner will not get any notifications if his or her account has been muted by another user. Users can quit eliminating an account at any time by doing “unmute”, as sums up from The Verge on Wednesday (5/23/2018).

The “mute” feature is useful for Instagram users who feel annoyed with posting friends who follow (followed), but are reluctant to unfollow. Until now, Instagram Stories alone can be hidden from certain people. But for annoying posts in timeline, users can only stop following the account, which often stretch relationships in the real world.


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