Google Maps Asked the Food Name to Restaurant Visitors

Search engine company Google seems to want to make reviews of restaurants more comprehensive. The reason, users who upload photos of food from restaurants or cafes visited, asked to give the name of the food. Google also uses image recognition features based on user-uploaded photos.

google maps illustrations

Once a food or beverage photo has been uploaded to Google Maps , Google will automatically generate some food name suggestions from the identification of the uploaded food.

After giving a description of the food menu is uploaded, the user is asked to make ratings to choose between thumbs up or thumbs down. Previously, users just uploaded a photo of the food they ordered, then shared their experiences during the tasting menu in a review on Google Maps.

Launched from Uber Gizmo, Tuesday (22/05/2018), naming food and rating, will help prospective diners or cafe visitors who are looking for food reference. In addition, the naming of food can also provide information for prospective customers if allergic to certain foods.


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