Which Apps Drain Your Battery?

When it comes to phones, every program running in the background can drain the battery faster. Phones, no matter how expensive, still have a very limited battery life. To prevent frequent trips to the charging station, you have to optimize your software.

An Overwhelming Amount of Apps

With the availability of thousands of apps at the Google Play store, it can be very easy to download to your heart’s content. However, adding more and more active programs to your phone can also lead to faster battery drain. How can you tell which apps and programs are essential, and which are not? Here are some tips to help you sort your phone out.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a must-have for those who want privacy and security on their phones. It can provide you with a secure, anonymous connection when browsing online. An active VPN continues to run in the background. It will not stop until you shut it down. This can become a problem to the battery, as the constant active state can drain more resources than necessary.

Consider turning it off when you no longer intend to use your phone’s online services, and reactivate only when you do plan to use it. That way, you get the most out of your VPN without adding extra burden to your phone’s battery.

Antivirus Apps

Another program that users may find essential is the antivirus. However, it can also drain your battery very quickly. The most common causes of viruses and malware are online downloads and website visits. As long as you stay vigilant on what you download, the odds of your phone getting malware is slim.

Accidental visits to malicious sites often occur because of misclicks on ads. Using ad blocking programs, or browser apps that automatically block ads, can prevent these mistakes from happening.

Social Media Apps

Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media hubs have their own apps for users to download. Unlike the PC where you can open one browser and have each site open on different tabs, phone apps require you to open each one separately. Opening these programs at the same time can be a very nasty habit to have, as they all require resources to function.

Closing these apps when not in use (and reopening when you need) may take longer, but can help save battery life greatly.

Check the Main Culprits

Most phones have the option to see which apps and programs drain the most battery. All you have to do is look. Check the Options panel, and then head to Battery. Often, the phone can provide you with a list of apps and the percentage of battery they have used since the last full charge.

This way, you can check which apps you use are the most battery consuming, and which ones that have little effect. You can then weigh in the pros and cons – do you need that one app, or would you prefer a longer battery life?

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