What’s New from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Long awaited, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 finally officially released on Thursday (08/09/2019), at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States. The flagship smartphone carries the tagline “The New Powerful Smartphone in The World”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 illustration

When viewed in terms of design, the Galaxy Note 9 has not changed much from its predecessor, Note 8. It’s just that, the size is slightly more jumbo with a 6.4-inch screen. The location of the fingerprint sensor was moved from the previous one side by side with a dual camera, now it is even lowered down.

In fact, the Galaxy Note 9 is also 0.2 mm thicker because the battery is also larger. Only, when held, the feeling is the same as holding the Galaxy Note 8. So, what significant changes can be seen on the Galaxy Note 9? Following notes after a short ( hands-on ) trial of the Galaxy Note 9.

First, S Pen with Bluetooth connection. This is the main advantage of the Galaxy Note 9, marking a revolutionary digital pen innovation. S Pen now does not only function as notes and doodling on paper, but can also act as a remote.

There are at least eight activity scenarios that can be facilitated with S Pen. Three of them are snapping without holding a smartphone, controlling the presentation, and controlling music and video playback.

Second, dual cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The Galaxy Note 9 still maintains a 12 megapixel quality sensor for each wide and telephoto lens, as well as dual-aperture F / 2.4 and F / 1.5.

The difference is, the Galaxy Note 9 camera is equipped with artificial intelligence technology aka AI which is able to quickly recognize 20 types of subjects. That way, setting photos can be automatically adjusted so that the results are neat.

Third, all-round performance. The Galaxy Note 9 is still relying on the same processor as the Galaxy S9 Plus, namely Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810, depending on the marketing area. Even so, there are a number of softwares added to support performance, namely AI cores (for AI technology) and cooling systems to ensure smartphones don’t heat up quickly.

Reliable processors with RAM and jumbo ROM capacity, can be selected between 6 GB / 128 GB and 8 GB / 512 GB. That also can still be maximized with microSD up to 512 GB. That is, the maximum memory capacity reaches 1 TB.

Fourth, DeX without Pad or Station. Previously, to experience the experience of testing smartphones on a desktop screen, you need an additional tool in the form of DeX Station or DeX Pad. When connected to a desktop, the smartphone cannot be enabled because the screen moves to the desktop.

Now there’s no need to bother, because the DeX application is available by default on the Galaxy Note 9. Users simply connect the Galaxy Note 9 to the desktop via an HDMI adapter, then the DeX experience is immediately felt.

When the screen is connected to the desktop, the Galaxy Note 9 screen can still be operated separately. Fifth, inaugural Fortnite for Android. This battle royale genre mobile game debuted on the Galaxy Note 9 and several other Galaxy lines, before expansion expanded to all capable Android devices.

The beta version of Fortnite on the Galaxy Note 9 starts this week, while for the whole new Android the end of August 2018. Galaxy Note 9 can already be ordered through various channels. The price is set starting from Rp. 13.5 million to 18 million. Availability on the broad market starting August 24


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