Facebook Remove “Friend List Feeds” Feature Because It Doesn’t Sell

Facebook will delete the feature “Friend List Feeds” in the Facebook application. This feature displays feeds that contain status updates or upload friends that have been previously selected. Limited feeds will display news from family, colleagues, playmates or selected neighbors on the Facebook homepage.

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That way, feeds will not be mixed with uploads from friends who according to users are not priorities. The removal of the Friend List Feeds feature was announced by Facebook in a notification, which said if the change would begin on August 9, 2018.

“We removed this rarely used feature, to focus on improving the News Feed experience,” explained the Facebook representative. Although revoked, users can still make friends lists, edit lists, and share posts to them.

This change will only change the appearance of the feeds, which previously only displayed posts from the friends list, will now display all news stories. “When users can’t see feeds based on friend lists, they can still make friends lists and change friend lists, then share the posts to those special friends,” Facebook said. The Friend List Feeds feature has been around for a long time. But this feature seems quiet.

Reported from Tech Crunch , Saturday (08/11/2018), in 2011 Facebook admitted that 95 percent of Facebook users did not make use of friend lists. As an alternative, if the user does not want to be flooded with a lot of posts that are considered annoying, users can take advantage of the News Feed Preference feature (news feed preferences).

The menu is in “settings”, then scroll down in the “homepage news settings” section. Then, mark which account is the user’s priority to display the latest updates on the homepage.


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