Tough em up: increasing your phone’s lifespan

How many times have you purchased a newphone because your old one broke from a fall?

A decade ago, mobile phones were very sturdy. They had designs that prevented accidental drops from destroying your phone. With the rise of smartphones, companies traded durability for a larger screen, thinner design, and lighter materials.

To keep your phone alive, you need a few things.

Phone Casing

While this may seem obvious, you should not see casing as accessory – but rather an essential part of the phone. It can give you a second chance in case you drop your phone. A good case provides you with added padding to protect it against fall damage. The case also adds the bonus of making the phone less slippery while holding it – decreasing the chances of you dropping it.

Phone Ring

A phone ring is another accessory that you may want to add immediately after getting a phone. As the name implies, it adds a ring for your finger at the back of your mobile. This gives you a better grip while holding your device. For those with smaller hands, it can also be a way to hold your phones more securely. Outside your hands, the ring can also act as a kickstand for your phone, giving them the ability to stay upright.

A Durable Design

If you want a phone that can survive a fall, several brands offer their own take. The Cat S61 is a great example of a rugged phone. Created by Caterpillar (the construction supplies brand); the S61 offers supreme protection against falls. Other phones such as the AGM X3, Sonim XP8, and many more offer rugged exteriors.

These models were built with toughness in mind, which means these phones would be heavier than normal. Nevertheless, if it keeps your phone alive longer, what is there to complain, right?

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