This is the Trump Reason to Use Import Tariffs for Chinese Technology Products

After launching import tariffs for steel and aluminum into the United States, Donald Trump, the president of the superpower, back in action. This time he is targeting products from China, especially those related to technology.

donald trump

The move comes after the US government conducted an investigation into alleged theft of US intellectual property by Chinese companies. The result, concluded that China often “forced” US companies to give up their intellectual property, through government maneuvers or terms of cooperation with Chinese companies, if they want to enter the market of the Bamboo Curtain country.

This is allegedly contributing to the imbalance of the balance of trade between the two countries, with a deficit of hundreds of billions of US dollars on the American side, beyond the loss of intellectual property taken through illegal means such as hacking

“We have a very large intellectual property theft problem,” Trump said, as summed up by geekandtech of CNN , Saturday (24/3/2018). “(Tariff) will make us a much stronger and richer country,” he continued.

The additional 25 percent import tariff is expected to affect the import of goods worth 60 billion US dollars from China. Its types reach 1,300s of goods, although precisely not yet known what. Because it concerns intellectual property and technology.

It is estimated that the most affected will be imported products imported categories of computer peripherals, communications, industrial machinery such as factory robots and space. In addition to import tariffs, Trump’s government will also tighten Chinese investment in high-tech projects in the US. Chinese companies will be banned from investing in certain sectors that enable the acquisition of technology.

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