These 4 Applications Every Businessman and Startup Founder Needs to Use

Currently, various applications can be found on the market. These include applications that can help the activities of a businessman or startup founder. The presence of these applications can save more time. That way, you can focus more on other important needs.


startup founder application

Here are four applications that you can use as a businessman and startup founder:

1.Create a business plan with 5min Business Plan

Business plan becomes the first step of every businessman in running his business. To make a business plan proposal usually takes a long time. Especially in choosing the appropriate template. 5min Business Plan also provides solutions to create business plans via smartphone. With this application, making a business plan can be completed in minutes.

2. Seek funding with IABOH Applications

If the business plan is ready, you can try to find an investor. As a means, can utilize an application called Investor and Business Owner Hub abbreviated IABOH. This application is the creator of Prince Dykes who is the President of Royal Financial Investment Group. This application also becomes a bridge to connect between an entrepreneur with the fund through a smartphone.

3. Keep everything organized with the Cloze app

Conducting routine activity planning becomes the thing you can do when you succeed in getting fund injection from investor. To help keep it organized, you can use a management app called Cloze. This app is useful as a virtual personal assistant. This app will serve to provide notifications and reminders when there are tasks to complete.

4. Expansion to the world level

If your business is doing well, then it’s time to expand into the global market. Indeed, there are various translator applications that can help in communicating with people who use a foreign language. Only, not all applications are reliable. The most severe example is how bad the translation of Google Translate. instead, you can take advantage of an app called Stepes. Unlike Google Translate, this Stepes is a Uber version of a translation service. You can connect with a professional translator that suits your needs.

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