Tips to Build Brands Through Instagram Effectively

Imagine if an Instagram user wants to be considered an adventurer. They post or show off their shots on this social media visual platform with pride. Whether it’s a photo while traveling to an exotic place, trying a unique meal or just sharing her daily life that looks amazing. They also try to show the daily activities look very fun when in Instagram. In fact, the usual activities such as watching TV though. The photo was made as beautiful as possible thus making the followers considers the ordinary activity that looks very interesting.

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Successful businesses also do the same

For those who develop their personal products on Instagram’s social media, Instagram makes them their own outlets. They build their own business here. Instagram is playing an active role as a pointer of personality of their company or commonly called brand identity or branding.

The brand identity developed in Instagram, echoed and encouraged someone to become a customer. This social-visual medium is expected to be a one-time customer push to become a regular customer and build an emotional relationship with your brand.

Well, to build a brand identity needs a consistency. Do these 4 ways for your Instagram to represent your brand.

1.Meet Instagram posts with brand

All your instagram content should be about your brand. This provides an answer to the prospect’s question; What do you want to know? And what do you want to get? It also works to recruit young professional talents to know that your company is a comfortable place to work.

2. Consistent with uploaded images

No matter the type of image, your followers should know your brand without having to see the logo. In other words, visual content becomes the attraction. When posting an image, make sure it’s consistent, from filters, colors, and more.

3. Consistent font

In visual media like Instagram, using words in pictures you can make or break you. Use the two main fonts to post to Instagram, synthesize the two fonts that describe your brand.

4. Consistent time

If you want your followers to look forward to your posts, the way is you have to post on a consistent time and day. This way your customers will always look forward to posting in the same hour as you post.

By doing these four steps consistently, little by little follower recognize the brand through the subconscious.

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