The Pros and Cons Before Buying a Phone

There are many good reasons to replace your old phone. There are also tons of terrible reasons to get a new one. For those who are on the fence, trying to see if a new phone is a good idea, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Broken Problem

A physically ‘broken’ phone can mean a bunch of things. Obviously, a phone that will not turn on due to damage is considered ‘broken’. However, one can also deem their phone ‘broken’ if they see even just a small crack in the frame. Some may even feel the need to replace their phones after a scratch.

A good idea is to see if this broken issue affects your phone’s usage. A cracked screen for instance may still show items, however it can be difficult to watch videos or even read messages. A cracked corner on the other hand may look unsightly, but it can still give you what you need.


The Slow Problem

Physically, a phone may not show any signs of aging. On the inside though, it may be a different story. There are many reasons why a phone slows down.

The most common factor is age – your phone may be too old to run newer versions of programs. The hardware may not be able to keep up with the times. This can become frustrating, as simple tasks such as checking emails and web browsing can feel very slow. The decision to replace it becomes a matter of convenience. If you want a faster device for regular use, then a new phone is a good idea.

Price Matters

At the end of it, the choice boils down to price.

Can you afford a new phone? Tons of people still do their daily phone activities on old and broken down devices. The main reason is they may not want to invest on a new one at the moment. If you can afford a phone, and you deem it necessary for an upgrade, then by all means.

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