Tablet vs E-Reader: Which One is for You?

Welcome to the digital age! Today, we no longer have to read from books themselves. Devices such as tablets and eBook readers offer the same experience with some added perks. While nothing can beat the feel of a good old-fashioned book, digital devices offer more in terms of convenience.

Modern Benefits

First, a tablet or reader is a lot more portable. No longer will you have to lug around heavy books. These devices can carry thousands of books – and they weigh close to a mobile phone. You also do not have to worry about finding a source of light. These tablets offer their own, giving you full vision of the text at all times.

For those wanting to buy these modern book readers, there is an important choice you have to make. Will you get a tablet or a dedicated e-reader?

Tablet vs e-Reader

Yes, while both offer book viewing, they also offer more. Choosing one may keep you from enjoying the perks of the other. These devices can also get expensive – picking the right one can prevent any buyer’s remorse.

First, let us look at the dedicated e-Reader. E-Readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle, are for books – and not much else. Since they are for book reading, their batteries tend to last longer than a tablet’s. This can be a perfect device for those who travel a lot. Instead of bringing one book, you can take your entire library with you. Since these e-Readers only carry book files, you can fit hundreds, if not thousands, inside.

Perks of the Tablet

A tablet offers more versatility over a dedicated e-Reader. Aside from books, you can also use it to go online, play games, download apps, check your emails, and many more. It is essentially a larger phone – a mobile with a larger screen. Larger screen also means a fantastic way to watch videos. E-Readers only show text. Tablets can give you a better visual.

With all these extra capabilities, your tablet also suffers from a shorter battery life. This means your tablet will spend a good amount of time at the charging station. While e-Readers can last months in one battery, a tablet may require daily charging. Depending on use, workload, and the hardware, a tablet may be frustrating to handle. In exchange for this, you get a book reader that can do so much more. The question is, is it worth the hassle?

Versatility vs Single Use

It all boils down to what you want in a reader. Do you want it solely for the books, or would you prefer something more flexible? Those who plan to use a mobile device for online activities, a tablet is the better choice. Those who simply want a device that can consistently display books, then an e-reader is for you.

Price can also be a factor when it comes to these choices. Amazon’s e-Readers can get quite pricy, while cheaper tablets are available on the market today. These cheaper ones may have smaller batteries and lower hardware, but they can do the job all the same.

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