Fixing a Sluggish Computer

When your computer slows down, it can get frustrating in a hurry. Loading times are the bane of every PC user’s existence. When programs start to slow down to a crawl, a computer can become very useless. What can you do now?

Fear not, there is still hope. Instead of requiring an upgrade and replacing its parts, perhaps you just need to do some tweaking on your PC. This way, you can save yourself from the expenses of upgrading a PC. Here are some tips that can fix your sluggish computer.

Cleaning the Physical Junk

A common cause of PC problems is dusty, dirty hardware. If you do not clean the insides of your CPU regularly, dust (and fur, for pet owners) can accumulate. This is especially the case for ventilation fans located in the power supply, graphics card, and motherboard. When dust and other dirt accumulate, heat rises faster. This can tremendously affect your PC’s performance. If left unchecked, it can even ruin your hardware.

Using a brush, one can remove easily (but delicately) the debris from these parts. Without dirt amplifying the heat, you can see a noticeable improvement in performance (and noise) from your CPU.

Cleaning the Digital Junk

With the physical aspects of your computer taken care of, you should set your sights on the digital. Your files too can clutter, leaving behind a very slow PC.

One can fix this by uninstalling, deleting, and managing the files, games, and programs you have. If you do not need a certain program or game, you may as well delete them. This frees up space on your hard drive for your future installations. Cleaning up junk is as easy as pressing a button. Using Disk Cleanup readily available in any PC, you can make quick work of any issues.

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