Smartphone With Diamond Screen Promised Coming Next Year

Glass screen cell phone coating made of diamond is being developed by the United States company, Akhan Semiconductor. By the company, this screen is named Miraj Diamond Glass.

The selection of diamonds as the main material causes the screen of this phone more resilient than the current mobile phone. Therefore, diamond is a super hard carbon material that is scratch resistant and tough.

diamond screen

Instead of using diamonds that are formed in nature, Akhan creates this new generation mobile screen with a diamond made through a laboratory process.

Miraj Diamond Glass is made using a randomly arranged “nanocrystal” pattern that minimizes the chance of cracking, while protecting other components behind it such as LED display panels or sensors.

As summarized geekandtech from Cnet , Thursday (8/2/2018), Akhan promising Miraj Diamond Glass will begin to be used to protect the smartphone screens starting 2019.

For now, Akhan is working with a partner of device manufacturers to refine the diamond screen. There are still a number of tests to be done, such as endurance and conductivity tests to support touch screen functionality.

There is also the issue of light reflection from the diamond screen. If too much reflects light, the screen of the phone can be difficult to see by the user.

When it is available later, the price of Miraj Diamond Glass is likely to be high initially so that it can only be used in high- end smartphones. In the future, Akhan plans to help make diamond screen for other types of devices outside the phone, such as fitness band.

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