Skype Starts Spreading Video Call Recording Features

Frequently chatter in video calls is important, both for personal and professional matters. For example, when holding a virtual meeting with colleagues at different locations, or when pouring your heart into a loved one.

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Skype Video call service understand this and do not want to miss the precious moments so users only. Now Skype features a feature called “Call Recording”. As the name implies, Call Recording allows users to record video calls that are considered important.

The recording base uses cloud and is available on almost all platforms. It’s just that, Windows 10 users have to be a little patient. Call Recording is only coming in the next few weeks, coinciding with the update of the Skype application on Windows 10.

Then, how to operate Call Recording? You can start recording anytime during a video call on a desktop or mobile device. Just press the plus sign (+), then select the “Start Recording” option. When you start recording, everyone who interacts in the video call will be notified.

This is to uphold the principle of transparency so that no one feels harmed in the future. If you want to stop recording, just press the “Stop Recording” option which is side by side with the duration status. Skype will record videos on each screen that interacts with users.

After that, you can save and share the recording for the next 30 days. If you want to save it for a longer time, you can download the video and save it on smartphone or desktop memory, as quoted from the official Skype blog. How? click the video listed in the chat room, then select the “Save to Download” option. Videos will be saved in MP4 format. Good luck!


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