Should You Be Afraid of Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition technology started gaining momentum at the turn of the decade. As cameras on phones improved, so did their software. Using a camera, a program can map out your face, creating a unique signature like a fingerprint. Today, it is now popular enough to replace pin codes and passwords for phone security.

Face Identification

The idea that you can unlock your phone by simply looking at it is game-changing. It offers convenience by eliminating the need to memorize combinations and codes. Facial scans also offer a quicker way to check security and ensure you are the one opening the phone. It works in seconds; almost as quick as a fingerprint swipe.

However, the idea behind it can be quite scary.

A Horror from Fiction

Sure, you have seen TV shows, books, and even movies about the horrors of misused technology. At the wrong hands, this information can be dangerous. Facial recognition has the potential of being the all-knowing eye watching over everyone.

The thought behind this fear is simple. Your phone stores your facial pattern in its storage to unlock. These data can be taken by third parties. With this information at hand, they can pinpoint you from a crowd – through a camera.

The All Seeing Eye

With almost everyone having mobile phones, in time a database can collect and store it all. This can give them the ability to identify individuals from a crowd. Once identified, they can know their information such as names and addresses.

While fear is still high when it comes to these programs, they also have a potent use. Crimes caught on camera can now identify suspects based on these facial IDs. This can lead to faster arrests and location of criminals. Of course, you have to take the good with the bad.

What do you think of facial recognition programs?

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