Samsung Announces 512GB eUFS Storage Chip For Next Flagship Smartphone

There’s no doubt Samsung is the world’s number one smartphone maker, not just Galaxy smartphone sales numbers that make Samsung top, supply components for other smartphone manufacturers that make this South Korean company a smartphone giant. So any innovation or new technology developed and used by this company will affect the overall smartphone market.


512GB eUFS Storage Chip Selengkapnya:

Recently Samsung has announced interesting things, namely the storage chips for smartphones that have a high capacity. If the current highest storage capacity of smartphones is 256GB, Samsung has a new storage chip that has a capacity of 512GB. Samsung itself has started mass producing 512GB eUFS flash memory chip.

The eUFS storage consists of eight 64-layer 512GB V-NAND chips and a controller chip to provide unmatched storage capacity. Thus, they multiply the chip density of the previous 48 layers. This chip should bring maximum performance for smartphones and flagship tablets. That said, the new 512GB eUFS storage is capable of storing around 130 4K Ultra HD video clips (3840 × 2160) with a duration of 10 minutes.

In addition, the manufacturer also introduced a new set of technologies to maximize energy performance and efficiency. The existence of a new circuit design and power control technology will minimize power usage. In addition, the 512GB eUFS chip speeds up the mapping process when converting logical block addresses into physical blocks.

Finally, Samsung has increased the speed of read / write, which eUFS512GB storage chip provides read performance eight times faster than ordinary microSD card. In other words, the 5GB Full HD video clip can be transferred to the SSD within 6 seconds. Although currently Samsung has not revealed what device will carry this chip, but of course we hope if the Galaxy S9 will come with this chip.

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