Roli Lightpad Block: More than Auditory

Listening to music is a pastime for everyone. People listen to music while studying. They place their earphones on and listen during their daily commutes. People blast the radio on while doing chores. They also stream their favorite songs online in order to unwind after a long day.

Music adds so much ambience to any situation. It keeps your brain busy when your body remains stationary. Each song evokes specific emotions and feelings. For those who appreciate old songs, they can even send you back in time.

More than Auditory

Listening to music is one thing – creating music is another. Those that prefer a more hands-on approach to music can create their own tunes. In the past, to play music you needed large, bulky instruments like guitars, violins, or pianos. Today, with the help of modern technology, the ability to play your own brand of music can fit at the palm of your hands.

Meet the Roli Lightpad Block M.

The Roli Lightpad Block M is a fantastic creation made to create music with ease and put lots of expression into it. Using your fingertips, you can create a variety of sounds and meld them together in symphony. Think of it as a midi controller with a modern twist. It that can fit in your pocket while also provides you with a dazzling array of sights and sounds.

It adds a new level of expressions into a midi controller where you can slide from one tone to another and minute changes in the location of your fingers will have an effect on the tone of the note.
The pressure you apply also makes a difference on the tone.

Lighting It Up

The Roli Lightpad Block M adds a great twist to a classic pastime. Best of all, you can take it anywhere with its amazing portability. This gives you access to the lights and allure of music anywhere you want. It is a fantastic addition to any iOS device. It connects via Bluetooth, meaning you do not have to worry about dealing with wires. The wireless connection also means your Block has unlimited range. The problem with wires is that they limit the connection between sources within an arm’s length. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can leave your device on the other side of the room and still be able to use your Block.

The Roli Lightpad Block M is also very touch sensitive. An issue with ‘touch’ devices is that it can sometimes be difficult to do exactly what you want. With the Roli Lightpad, you do not have to worry about a thing. It is also very beginner friendly. Starting out is very easy, and there is no need for music theory knowledge to create music.

You can just start creating music with absolute ease and I would recommend it to everyone.

The Negatives

While the Roli Lightpad Block has amazing perks, it still lacks in several areas. For example, you cannot set the sensitivity directly in iOS. You have to use unofficial versions of the app in iOS, or use a PC/mac to get the job done. While this may seem minor, it does complicate things when you are away from your main devices. This absence in iOS does not have a lot of convenience when you are on the road, as you cannot set the sensitivity accordingly. This inability to change features may provide to be bothersome for those still experimenting on their tunes.

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