Qualcomm Releases 3 Snapdragon Chips for Middle-Class Smartphone

Qualcomm unveiled three chip new processor designed for middle-class smartphone. Three such chips are Snapdragon 429, Snapdragon 439, and Snapdragon 632. The third chipset or system on chip (SoC) is claimed to further strengthen the ability, which recently rampantly installed, in the line of medium-sized smartphones such as dual cameras.

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The highest chip introduced is Snapdragon 632 which adds to the list of Snapdragon 600 series. The main components of this smartphone bring some features that previously used to be present in high-end devices.

Among these are gaming, 4K quality video recording, artificial intelligence (AI), and LTE networks. The chip is manufactured with 14 nm manufacturing process and FinFET technology. Qualcomm boasted that the performance of Snapdragon 632 will increase 40 percent thanks to a combination of Qualcomm Kyro 250 COU and Qualcomm Adreno 506 GPU.

For cameras, smartphone vendors can opt for a single 24 megapixel camera sensor or a dual resolution 13 megapixel camera if using the 6322 Snapdragon. In addition, according to Qualcomm, the screen resolution of the device will be upgraded to full HD Plus quality.

For cellular speed, Snapdragon 632 will be supported LTE X9 modem that supports Advanced LTE technology and download speeds up to 300 Mbps. Qualcomm claims that this chip can increase CPU performance 40 percent and GPU 10 percent compared to its predecessor, Snapdragon 626.

The other two chips, Snapdragon 439 and Snapdragon 429 are designed to help smartphone vendors improve the popular mobile experience more widely at competitive prices. Each will bring the AI ​​feature to enhance the camera experience, sound, and security.

Both lines of 400 Series Snapdragon is manufactured with 12 nm FinFET technology process. CPU performance of these two chips will increase and claimed 25 percent more power-efficient. Both Snapdragon 439 and 429 will also carry the X6 LTE modem feature with 150Mbps download speed.

This chip will support a single-megapixel camera or dual camera resolution with each resolution of 8 megapixels. Similar to Snapdragon 632, Snapdragon 439 also supports full HD Plus screen quality. For Snapdragon 439 supported octa-core CPU and graphics chip Adreno 505 which has a graphic rendering speed of 20 percent higher.

As for Snapdragon 429, will be equipped with Adreno 504 graphics chip with an increase in rendering called reaches 50 percent. In the camera sector, Snapdragon 429 will help the performance of a single 16 megapixel camera or dual camera at a resolution of 8 megapixels each.

Snapdragon 429 will only support screen quality at HD Plus resolution. However, this latest trio of chips will not be used in Qualcomm’s partner devices any time soon. The new Snapdragon 632, 439, and 429 will be embedded in the latest devices after the first half of 2018, as summarizes from Gadgets 360 on Thursday (28/06/2018).


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