Blogger Killed Inside After Being an Internet Violence Speaker

A famous Japanese blogger killed stabbed after a speaker at a seminar on cyberspace violence . Blogger named Kenichiro Okamoto (41), found in a lifeless state with stab wounds in the chest and neck area, in the teaching center toilet district of Chuo, Fukuoka City, Japan.

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Perpetrators allegedly stalking Okamoto when heading to the toilet on Sunday (24/06/2018) at around 20:00 local time. After performing the action, the perpetrator is called running away on a bicycle. About three hours after the victim was found, a 40-year-old man came to the police station and declared if he was responsible for the killing in Chuo.

To the police, the actor named Hidemitsu Matsumoto is admitted if he hates Okamoto and wants to kill him. Proclaimed Telegraph reported by geekandtech, Thursday (28/06/2018), the perpetrator had involved an online dispute with Okamoto earlier.

According to some reports, Okamoto was called ever several times engaged in online squabbles with other Internet users. Included with Matsumoto, who reportedly sent a violent personal message to Okamoto and commentators on Okamoto’s blog.

In a message he allegedly wrote after killing Okamoto, Matsumoto said if he would continue to torture Okamoto by opening a new account each time his old account is deleted. “I will go to the nearest police station, to voluntarily surrender and take responsibility for my actions,” added Matsumoto.

Inside the perpetrator’s bag, the police found a knife with blood stains. Okamoto is a cyber security expert and works for an IT security consulting firm. In Japan he is quite popular with the online name Hagex, and quite often appear on local television.

In the last post on his blog, he said will tell his experience in the cyber warhead. “I will share my experiences about online quarrels and how to solve them”, wrote Okamoto.

Some local media reports say if Matsumoto is a “hikikomori” person. Hikikomori is a phenomenon of social withdrawal which is mostly done by teenagers and adults in Japan. They prefer to communicate using a computer, rather than interact face-to-face.


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