Is Wireless for the best?

Wireless technology is rising amongst gadgets and their accessories. However, should you take that step and upgrade your items for those without cables? Here are a few reasons to stick with wired technology.

Freedom, but not so Free

Wireless charging may appeal to many people solely for the ‘wireless’ aspect. Who doesn’t want to eliminate cables and wires around their devices? Without these tethers, you can have a larger room to maneuver – or will you? Sometimes a wireless upgrade may not just be the upgrade you were expecting.

For example, a wireless charger for your phone does not require a lengthy cord to function. It is usually a platform where you place your phone. Once your phone is in contact with the platform, the ‘wireless’ charging can begin. One of the advantages of traditional chargers is that you can still use phones while charging. While limited, you can still move your phone a bit, giving you the ability to use it at a limited capacity. With wireless charging, this is out the window, as you cannot remove the phone from the platform without losing the charge. This makes wireless charging an even more limited route, prohibiting you from moving the phone entirely.

A Matter of Reliability

Wireless tech provides you with plenty of wiggle room in terms of distance. Instead of having the limitations of a cord, wireless connections can provide you with control over your gadget from the other side of the house.

However, you have to consider the negative aspects of this. Instead of a solid and reliable (albeit short) cable, you have to rely on Bluetooth connections to keep the line open. Bluetooth connections can become unstable when battery becomes an issue. Low battery (on either the accessory or the main device) can make the Bluetooth connection unreliable.

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