The Dangers of Downloads

Today, nearly every technology can access the internet. With WIFI being readily available for free in a lot of places, people all over can use their devices to get unlimited internet use. However, with all these benefits lies a risk that can never go away. In fact, this risk grows stronger as technology moves forward.

Malware can enter your device through a variety of ways, and can cause many problems for you and your device. Malware can slow your machine down to a crawl. They can take your information, from passwords, email accounts, to bank information and home data. Malware can even shut down your machine completely, requiring a full reformat or factory reset in order to fix.

Downloads, Downloads, Downloads

The most common way for malware to enter your system is through downloads. Whether you are downloading from a website, an email, or from social media, there is always a chance for malware to be hiding within.

That is why it is never advisable to open any file or program if you do not know what it contains. While documents emailed between friends may be safe, getting one from a third party poses risks. Programs are the most dangerous of all, as they can wreak havoc on your system outright.

Potential Solutions

As always, scanning these files with antimalware programs is always a good idea to check for any threats. These can help detect any malware hiding in files, giving you enough time to delete them without unleashing them into your system. Remember – without opening these files, they are simply there, trapped inside.

You can avoid any potential problems by deleting files right away. For those who opened the file already, the malware can still be removed from your system via the antimalware program. By scanning your system, it can pinpoint and eliminate threats hiding in your system. Worst case scenario, you may have to erase everything in your machine via a factory reset. While this removes personal files in your device, it also ensures elimination of the threat.

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