Instagram Users Can Check How Long Open Application

Want to know how long you spend in opening Instagram ? You’ll soon find out soon. Because Instagram is developing a feature that can show how much time we have spent with the social networking. The feature named Usage Insight is reportedly going to be released soon.

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According to CEO Instagram, Kevin Systrom, the feature is still in the testing phase and still requires minor improvements before launch. “Understanding how the impact of online time on people is important and it is the responsibility of all companies to be open with this.We want to take part in this solution and I am responsible for this,” said Kevin via Twitter account, as quoted fom CNet

“We are creating a feature that will help Instagram users to find out, how much time has been spent on this app,” he continued. He also assessed through this feature, users not only can find out how much time has been spent to open Instagram, but also expected to further limit the time using social media, and multiply the interaction with the outside world.

This new feature emerged after Instagram parent company, Facebook has also talked about the need to promote quality content, so people do not waste time in social media. According to Facebook’s own research, social media users are indeed passively consume information without interacting with anyone.

This makes users more difficult and limits themselves from socializing with the outside world. Nevertheless not yet known clearly when this new feature will be released. Nevertheless, the number of Instagram users has been increasing steadily to date.

As of the end of last year, the number of active users reached more than 100 million. In addition to the growth in the number of users, at the end of last year Instagram also said that the duration of users in watching the video in the service increased 80 percent year-over-year. Meanwhile, compared to a year earlier, the number of videos uploaded to Instagram each day has increased fourfold.


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