IBM Patented AI Traffic Control Technology

Technology artificial intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence , AI ) can be penetrated many fields. Includes traffic arrangements at crossroads. Computer company from the United States, IBM, for example, earlier this month got a patent for AI-based traffic management technology.

Traffic illustration

How it works, the AI ​​program looks at the flow of road users in real-time street intersections through cameras mounted at traffic lights. The program can then calculate the most optimal traffic patterns and adjust the traffic lights.

“The computer determines whether a traffic light must be changed, based on the identification of traffic flow,” said the AI ​​program description in the relevant patent document . So, instead of being set by a timer that is not necessarily ideal for traffic conditions at a time, the lights will be determined by the program. IBM Investor Master Steve Hobson said road conditions at each intersection vary.

For example, there could be a lot of crossers, a line of vehicles in one of the lanes, or maybe the lights turn red for too long. According to Hobson, only a human alias traffic police. who can observe all these situations and make appropriate considerations.

Well, the workings of the IBM AI deliberately created to imitate the kind of capabilities possessed by the police. “Various information (about the state of the crossroads) is ‘easy’ to be understood by humans and shows that AI can help, Hobson said, as summarizes from The Next Web on Saturday (19/05/2018).

Supposing that it will be completely deployed, IBM’s traffic controller AI may play a parse row at the crossroads. Unfortunately, there is no certainty about implementation in the future.


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