Hat made by Atari with Speakers

Currently gadget support accessories such as earphones and headphones have become a necessity. But some people with carrying these accessories considered quite troublesome or may easily disappear or fall. If you include careless people in bringing gadget accessories, it seems you will be happy to see the solutions offered by Atari.


Atari speaker hat

Atari is one of the pioneer companies in the gaming industry and this time they have launched Atari Speakerhat. For those of you who have not understood it, basically it is a hat that comes with built-in speakers in it. Atari Speakerhat itself has been announced since the beginning of 2017 and at that time only considered a joke.

Apparently the company actually launched Atari Speakerhat products, and for those who are interested in this gadget can buy it. Speakerhat own dibanderol for $ 130. But Atari set a special price until January 2, 2018, where for those who are interested can buy it for $ 100.

atari speakerhat black

There are several designs to choose from Atari Speakerhat, like a hat emblazoned with Atari’s word or logo, and there’s even a Pong version which is a limited edition and a Blade Runner 2049 version, all priced at $ 10 more than the original variant.

For now it is not known how the quality of audio offered by Atari Speakerhat, but given its size, you may not need to expect too much. But if you love to collect unique items or feel that this gadget will be worth a very high time someday, you can buy it on the Atari website.


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