Google Prepare Smart Assistants to Maintain Fitness

Google is reportedly preparing the latest health application that utilizes artificial intelligence technology, aka Artificial Intelligence (AI). Named ” Google Coach “, the application is like a smart assistant who monitors and ensures the user’s physical condition remains excellent.

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Google Coach not only records activities and standard data such as road patterns, sleep patterns, and heart rate. Moreover, this application utilizes Google’s data about users to recommend sports types and routines. If a user skips the chosen sports schedule, Google Coach will provide other alternatives that are appropriate for the user’s character.

In addition, Google Coach also records an increase in the user’s sports performance over time. Not only from the sports sector alone, Google Coach also helps monitor nutritional intake and recommend foods that are right for the user.

Google Coach even helps users from designing a diet for a week, to creating a shopping list. Gmail and Calendar services are integrated to always remind users. With so many things being monitored by Google Coach, users can be flooded with notifications.

To circumvent this, Google Coach makes a summary notification. There are no more notifications such as “taking drugs”, “multiplying roads”, “multiplying drinks”, and the like. Google Coach will summarize these three things into a full notification, as compiled, Sunday (08/19/2018), from AndrodiPolice.

Google Coach is reportedly released first for users of the Wear OS operating system. Android smartphone users are also said to be able to use it, but with a certain capacity. Google is also said to be ambitious to bring its health assistant to wider products such as Android TV, Google Home, and future connected devices.

It should be noted, this news has not been fully trusted because there has been no official confirmation from Samsung. Let’s wait until Google Coach shows off to the public.

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