Internet and Identity Theft

Identity theft is a real and ever-present danger. With all the technology around us, potential thieves have an entire array of ways to get your information. Think about it for a second. How many websites know your real name? How many shopping sites know your address and credit info?

Modern Problems

We voluntarily give out our private information to the countless websites at our screen. How many of those sites can you trust to keep your data? For example, one can easily use a credit card if they have all the information about it. They can then use these numbers for purchases all over the internet. They do not need to have your physical card. All they need are the numbers, and they are all set.

Another thing to consider is your address. For shopping sites, you have to give them information in order for them to deliver your purchase. This includes the street, the house, or even the apartment room you are living in. You may have even placed landmarks, easy to see signs, and even times you are available. More importantly, it can give anyone an idea when you are not at home.

Keeping Privacy Alive

So what can you do? The most important thing to remember is vigilance. Keep a vigilant eye on your data. Know where you place them. Official brand websites have the means to secure your data – but they are not a foolproof vault. In fact, several high profile sites such as Facebook have reported data breaches in the past. This means that a third party can take your information, and they can do whatever they want with it.

For those who want to be safe, limiting what information you give is a great start. When signing up for a website you will rarely visit, try using a pseudonym, or omit using last names.

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