Finding the Perfect Travel Phone

When traveling, your phone is your best friend. Think about it. Travel phones are your portal to everything back home. This includes your emails, your contacts, your photos, and even banking information. It is such a tiny device, however if you lose it, it can mean a troublesome time while on the road.

That is why it is paramount that you have a travel phone fit for your trip and schedule. When looking for a phone specifically meant to bring with you while on the road, you have to look at a few factors.

Battery Life

The most important thing about travel phones is their ability to stay alive with fewer charges. Phones with larger batteries are necessary if you want to be on the road a lot. This goes double if you plan to go somewhere with minimal access to charging stations. A phone with a long battery life guarantees that it will last the trip. Of course, having a power bank can double, or even triple your phone’s life. So if you are looking for a phone and plan on getting a power bank, one with a massive battery may not be necessary.


Here is where a conflict of interest comes in. You want a phone with long battery life, but you may also want something that easily fits in your pocket. Phones with big batteries (upwards of 5,000 mAh) usually also have heavy and large frames. Of course, for a phone to carry a larger battery, it has to be large as well. This means it can be very heavy. Not like you cannot hold it, but more of an inconvenience all around. You would have a hard time carrying it in your shirt pockets, and gods help you if it smacks you in the face.

Small Frame

Pickpockets and thieves are known issues especially when you are traveling to a new location. They can spot a phone’s location a mile away. To mitigate this, having a smaller phone helps in concealing its location. At the very least, a small phone makes it possible to keep it within your reach at all times. Tourists should make it a priority to keep their phone within reach to avoid theft. Placing it in your backpack can make it easy pickings for thieves. They can nab it before you can even know what happened. And it goes without saying – losing your phone, with all its data, in a foreign country can be the end of your trip.

Final Words

When you are on a foreign country, your phone is your one link to everything you own. It can give you vital access to your bank accounts, to your emails, and to your contacts. Losing it can be catastrophic. It might also be a good idea to have a separate travel phone, while leaving your regular one at home. This can be a good backup system, as it saves you some trouble if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed while on the road.

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