Fact and Fiction of Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs are essential in any PC. They add a layer of protection that you simply cannot live without. There are plenty of facts and myths about your computer’s main shield to outside attacks. In this article, we will try to explain and separate the fact from fiction.

The More, the Merrier

Some people think that having multiple antivirus programs in their PC helps keep malware at bay. The truth is far from it. Think of a good antivirus as a massive shield protecting you. Adding more shields do not mean arrows will not pierce through. It just means you will be using your strength to lift more than one shield at once.

An antivirus program runs in the background the entire time your PC is awake. Extra antivirus programs eat up resources on your PC. Whether it is processing power or memory, the fact is it takes away resources that other programs need. Picking one good antivirus is enough – and more beneficial – than three antivirus programs patrolling.

The More Expensive, the Better

Another issue when talking about antivirus programs is the paid subscription. Almost all antivirus have a ‘premium version’, which requires a subscription to access. This can be yearly or monthly, depending on the buyer. They entice users to pay for perks that are not present in the ‘free version’. This includes better security, making your PC faster, and anonymity. The fact is they are more bonuses than essential. As long as you know what you are doing (i.e. not downloading suspicious files, not giving away bank info on random sites) you will be fine.

The Slower, the Better

An issue with antivirus programs is that they make your system slower. While it is true that they eat resources guarding your files, some antivirus programs are lighter than others are. Bitdefender for instance is barely noticeable when monitoring at the background. You should only feel significant shifts in performance when running active scans. If your PC slows down considerably while the antivirus is in idle, perhaps it is too heavy for your unit. Switching to a lighter program should do the trick.

The Danger No More

To sum up, antivirus programs give your PC decent protection from threats. However, it is not the be-all end-all in computer security. It gives you a fighting chance; a way to detect intruders if they enter. They can block, isolate, and destroy these threats – similar to your body’s immune system. This does not mean that you can go online and browse carefree. Vigilance is the key – making sure your data is safe, never sharing your passwords, and scanning regularly keeps you safe. There is no single ‘best’ antivirus. You just need to find what fits your system. Do you need a lightweight program that will not slow you down? Do you need a heavy one that protects you every second?

It is all up to you to decide. Make sure to scan regularly, keep away from suspicious areas online, and you (and your files) will be fine. Good luck!

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