Motorola Razr: Smartphone with Flip Phone Nostalgia

Folding phones are making a comeback. Flip phone designs had its perks, we at least have to agree on that.

Compact Positives and Negatives

They can become smaller and more compact, which would be great for those who use it on the road. The compact form also makes it a lot more durable to damage. Accidental falls for instance can wreak havoc on your phone. A folding phone is built to receive the blow, which can help your phone survive.

It also had its downsides. The screen was just too small to watch anything on it. It also limits internet browsing and gaming. Since it died out at the start of the 2010s, it did not have the conveniences of the modern smartphone.

With the Motorola Razr however, that may not be the case.

Motorola was popular during the first few years of the mobile phone boom. Now, they are but an afterthought. Few even expect a comeback from Motorola since the market is now flooded with competition.

Motorola Razr Review

Their latest phone seemingly combines the modern smartphone with the classic flip. The Motorola Razr is a smartphone with a 6-inch screen that bends right at the center like a flip phone. It offers all the commodities of a smartphone – internet connectivity, apps, great cameras, and a big screen. It also folds, giving it a more compact form.

For those wanting the modern smartphone with the nostalgia of a flip, this can be for you. The price to get this however is very steep. At $1500, it is a hard – hard – sell for consumers. Not only is the price high enough to be able to afford flagship phones of popular brands. Another thing is the brand itself – Motorola. This is not the early 2000s. Companies like Apple and Samsung have dominated the market over the years. The name alone can turn off potential buyers.

What do you think? Will you shell out $1500 to give this modern nostalgia a shot?

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