Use Jumbo Batteries, Samsung Guarantee Galaxy Note 9 Safe

Samsung dares to claim the Galaxy Note 9 as a “Super Powerful” smartphone in the world. This is thanks to reliable specifications in all sectors, one of which is a battery. The battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 9 increased significantly to 4,000 mAh, from the previous 3,300 mAh in Note 8.

samsung galaxy note 9

The question is, is the jumbo battery safe? The reason is, Samsung is recorded to have a negative history related to the Galaxy Note 7 battery which is prone to explode. The Samsung Electronics, Jade Shin and Jongho Park Global Product Planning (GPP) teams guarantee 100 percent battery life on the Galaxy Note 9.

They claim the quality and performance of the jumbo battery has gone through a long series of tests, both internally and externally. “We have done eight check points to measure battery performance. We also involve third parties, so we make sure the Galaxy Note 9 battery is very safe, “said Jongho Park.

Jade Shin added, his team was very careful before brewing new products for the Galaxy series. He indicated that public trust was very important and Samsung did not want to disappoint its users. “Every time we develop products, the features one by one must be checked many times.

We believe that what happened before (the incident of the Galaxy Note 7 exploded) will not happen again, “Jade Shin said. Jumbo batteries on the Galaxy Note 9 have consequences for the flagship design . Compared to its predecessor, this latest line is 0.2 mm thicker.

Even so, Jongho Park argued that the addition of thickness would not be felt when the user held the Galaxy Note 9. This is thanks to such design modifications.

Galaxy Note 9 comes with several mainstay features, including S Pen with Bluetooth-rich functions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based camera to better understand objects, Bixby’s increasingly intelligent digital assistant, and DeX that has been embedded as a default application.

The performance is also capable with RAM and memory capacity up to 8GB / 512GB, Snapdragon 845 processor or Exynos 9810, as well as the addition of software such as AI-core and cooling system


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