Even Ordinary Laptops Can Also Mining Bitcoin Now

Because require great strength and a source of electrical power is not small, the process of mining cryptocurrency usually done with a special computer. Can be a desktop that is fitted with many graphics cards to server farm.

Cryptocurrency on a circuit board

But lately emerged an alternative form of software that allows users with laptops or regular computers to participate in mining without needing to spend to buy expensive devices. The Honeyminer startup software runs dynamic mining by combining the user’s computer into a pool of thousands of other computers. Each computer contributes power to the cryptocurrency mining process.

The “power” donated comes from the computer GPU. If it is not in use, then the computer GPU will be used to participate in processing the mining process together with GPU kompter-other computers incorporated in the pool Honeyminer.

Thus, while the GPU capability of a computer may be small, the combined power of thousands of GPUs can generate significant resources for this collective mining process. As summarized from The Next Web , Saturday (28/07/2018), the user was simply running Honeyminer application on the computer which happens to be idle graphics processor to start contributing power.

honeyminer software illustration

Honeyminer software will handle all configurations automatically, including another cryptocurrency miner switch every 10 minutes, or in accordance with price movements so that the use of computer power in the pool can always lead to maximum profit.

“Users also do not have to calculate themselves or, set the configuration, or monitor prices manually,” said advisor Honeyminer, Noah Jessop. Honeyminer supports mining of various popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, zcash, monero, and others that do not require a specific computer (ASIC).

Available for free, Honeyminer software opens the door for most people to participate in chasing cryptocurrency. But presumably users can not expect too much about the benefits that can be generated. The profit generated by the Honeyminer pool is distributed to the owners of each computer in different amounts, depending on the quality of computer hardware used to donate power.

In this case, a large computer with some graphics cards even average can only generate profits of one or two US dollars by running a Honeyminer all day.


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