7 Tips to Play PUBG Mobile To Get Chicken Dinner

Undeniable Player Unknown’s Battleground ( PUBG ) mobile game version of its popularity is now uphill. In other countries also this game gets a lot of devotees. PUBG adopts a battle royale game mode, where players are gathered in one area and attack each other with a variety of weapons to endure to the end.

PUBG Mobile tips

The last person to survive, will be given a medal with the label “Chicken Dinner”. To endure to the end is what is difficult. Players must have a strategy and thoroughness in seeing the opponent. Well, here is quoted from Android Authority, Thursday (26/7/2018), There are some tips for players can get Chicken Dinner when playing PUBG Mobile.

Here are some tips.

1. Choose the right landing place At the beginning of the game, players are deployed by plane. Players must choose the right territory for the game not to end quickly. We recommend that you select a region far enough with the lane of the delivery aircraft. Estimate also whether in the region there is a lot of ammunition or not.

2. Collect ammunition first, do not be desperate Ammunition is the key for players to win. Without ammunition, players will be hard to knock opponents. Therefore, after landing should collect enough ammunition and do not desperately challenge the opponent with his bare hands or just bring a pot. It’s very risky. Do not forget, look for medical supplies as well.

3. Do not shoot opponents that are difficult to reach Most of the players will force firing despite being at a great distance. If you have a 4x or 8x scope please shoot. If not, do not impose. Instead of dropping your opponent, your hide will be known to the enemy.

4. Pay attention to the map The map becomes an important clue as to whether you have any enemies around you. Whether hiding or running, you should keep a look at the map on the top right of your phone in order to monitor the movement of your opponent.

5. Better to use the vehicle than on foot When you are outside the safe area, you should use the vehicle instead of running or walking. Because in addition to fighting with the enemy, you also have to face the time in which the safe area will decrease in size. But the risk, using a vehicle will attract the attention of your opponent.

6. Find a hiding place Hiding does not mean fear. Hide is also part of the strategy. Do not be too innocent in the play because you will even be easy targets to be shot. If playing on the map Erangel, use the bushes to hide while lying down. But do not forget, pay attention to the surrounding conditions and your map.

7. Communicate with the team In addition to playing alone, PUBG also has a mode of play in the team. If you’re on a team, keep in touch with your colleagues. Take advantage of the microphone and speakers on your phone to let you know about the conditions and position you are in. By communicating to teams, the risk of losing will decrease, as long as your team is compact and help each other.


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