Essential Security Tech for your Home

Security at home is easier than ever with the help of modern technology. For those wanting to add more security to their homes, here are some ideas on where you can start with your search.

Motion Sensor Alerts

Motion sensors are very simple in practice. You just need to place them in areas where you expect foot traffic – your home’s entrance, outside your door, or even in your living room. Once these motion sensors activate, it will then notify you of any activity in the area. Usually, you only activate them if you anticipate a lack of activity from your end.

Motion detectors can come in auditory or visual alerts. It can make sounds when someone passes by, or with advanced home cameras, it can take snapshots too. Several security motion sensors can even send these snapshots straight to your phone. While the snapshots are a great tool, do not count out the sound trigger as well. A sound may just well deter a potential burglar and send them scurrying away.

Security Cameras

The most common way to add security to your home is via a security camera. It keeps a recording of its vantage point for as long as the storage space allows. Because of this, most security cameras erase their footage in cycle. If you do not manually back up the recordings, you may just have access to this week’s footage. Cheaper cameras with smaller storage can only go up to a day’s worth of recordings before running out of space. Because of this, security cameras can be very unreliable when it comes to finding footage in the event of a theft. However, a well-placed camera can be a saving grace if it did catch burglars in the act.

There are two types of cameras – hidden and visible. Hidden cameras are great if you want actual footage of a crime committed. Visible cameras act more as a deterrent. People would think twice before doing something if they know a camera is recording them.

Electronic Locks

The age of lockpicking burglars may soon come to an end. With electronic locks, all you need is a card or a small token to unlock a keyless door. Using the power of Bluetooth, you can even use your phone to unlock the door. It is a faster way to get in and out, requiring simple swipes and proximity. You also do not have to go through the embarrassing routine when you lose your keys. Best of all, no common thief can bypass this lock with a set of lockpicks. Welcome to the modern era.

Motion-Detecting Lights

Another motion-centric addition to your home would be motion-detecting lights. This can be as simple as the light for your garage, doorway, or entrance. If it detects any movement, it turns on its lights. This can help discourage would-be burglars, as the lights would give away their position.

Motion-detecting lights are also a form of convenience from your end. With it, you never have to find light switches ever again. You definitely need to have one of these for areas that see less traffic, on rooms that you only go for short periods of time. Your bathroom, for instance, would benefit from motion-detecting lights as they turn on when you come in. They would then shut off after you leave, making it a very easy trip.

Doorbell Cameras

A common way of burglars to get into your homes is by ringing the doorbell. It sounds so simple – yet can be so effective for the absent-minded homeowner. If someone rings the doorbell or knocks, your default reaction is to check who it could be.

They can pose as door-to-door sales representatives trying to sell you something, religious folk trying to talk, or even a neighbor. Without you knowing who that is on the other side, your basic instinct is to open a door when someone knocks. A camera on the doorbell instantly gives you vision on who is on the other side of the door. This can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors

While motion detectors are great, more often than not pet owners would get false alarms because of animal activity. Most of the time, it is the cat running around the rooms or the dog trying to sneak through the kitchen instead of a burglar. This can get very annoying quickly, and you may even consider shutting off the security just to stop the alerts.

Fear not, security companies have also found a way around this. You can purchase alarms that will ignore pet movement, and would only alert you for larger, heavier movement. For those with small animals, this is a treat. For those with larger dogs, you also need not to worry. Several pet-friendly motion detectors can change settings depending on how heavy your pet is. While this can weaken your security a little, it is still a vast improvement over not having any motion-detecting security at all.

Do Not Go Cheap

Some last bits of advice – do not go cheap when it comes to security. While it may be tempting to get the cheaper brands, you may regret it in the long run. Security items, like everything else, are better for those with higher price tags. You cannot avoid it, it is just a way of life. Security items are there whether you use them or not. Most of the time, they are there doing nothing. However, when you do need them, you will be thankful you purchased a good brand.

Cheaper items break easier, are more unreliable, or can be bypassed easier by burglars. While it may seem like a very expensive investment at first, consider what you save with these security measures in place. If burglars came in and stole your items, would it be cheaper or more expensive than your home defense investment?

Lastly, you get to sleep at night easier knowing that your home has its defenses up. And that – a peace of mind – is something very hard to come by these days. If you can pay for it, you may as well pay for the best.

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