Is Antivirus Essential for your Phone?

Antivirus programs are essential for every PC and laptop out there. As long as you access the internet, you need the added protection against viruses and other malware. If multiple people handle your device, regular scans are necessary.

But what about your mobile phones? If you look at any app store, you can see various brands of antivirus programs commonly found on your PC. Some phones even have their own built-in scans. Are they necessary, however? Should you treat your phone with the same scrutiny as your PC?


While it is recommended to regularly scan your PC, laptop owners can attest an antivirus’ strain on the battery life. One full multiple-drive scan can drain a laptop’s life significantly. Your phone is no different. A full scan can consume a lot of its resources, resulting in a shorter life. You may end up charging it more frequently than before.

Some antivirus programs for mobile even offer a 24/7 background run. This means that the program runs at a fraction of the cost, monitoring your phone constantly. This can also drain your battery more. Since it also competes with using your phone’s resources, it may also lead to a slower phone in general.

A Matter of Vigilance

In the end, phones do not suffer from as many threats as a laptop or PC. The phone also asks you every single time if a program, site, or app wants access to certain parts of your device. You can easily say ‘no’, and that is the end of that. With the added workload, performance, and battery issues, it is not necessary to add antivirus to your phone.

As long as you stay vigilant and not allow third party programs access to vital information, you will be fine. However, the presence of an antivirus can make people feel more secure. If your phone can handle it, feel free to do so.

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