Diamond Glass May Soon Shield Smartphones

When it comes to modern smartphones, one thing is common across all brands – the fragile screen.

Since smartphones offer touchscreen functionality, the screen sizes have been increasing at a consistent pace. In fact, the newest flagship phones of popular brands offer the entire front of the phone as the screen itself. The past few years saw the phasing out of bezels, buttons, and other common features of a phone’s front. Now, all you see is one big screen – but that has some downsides.

A Fragile Front

For instance, one crack can mean the end for your entire phone. Since the screen is the main tool for control, any damage can result in loss of function. Companies try to make their screens as tough as they can. Newer phones offer glass that are very sturdy and can withstand scratches. However, it is not a perfect design. Because of this, one should add plenty of extra defense. This can include phone cases as well as screen protectors.

Newer trends may make this harder. Folding phones, where two screens are pressed into one, can create a ton of pressure at the hinges. This can decrease the screen’s durability immensely. With repeated use, screens may crack under the constant pressure.

Diamond Standard

A new trend may soon end this screen fragility. By using Diamond Glass, newer phones hope to have a very resistant screen. In early tests, the Diamond Glass was capable of defending the phone against scratches and minor damage. While it is an improvement to the current design, the increase in price may be an issue.  

This price may be a problem, as ‘folding phones’ are already at the 2000-dollar mark. Adding more to the price tag can turn off a lot of potential buyers. With its unproven qualities, it can be a hard sell for phone companies to convert their new products to Diamond Glass.

What do you guys think? Is Diamond Glass the future?

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