Mechanical Keyboards 101

Without the keyboard, a computer is useless. Your trusty keyboard is the main source of input for your PC. Without it, nearly all programs are impossible to use. You need it for typing, for calculating, playing games, and even for simple web browsing.

Keyboard Confidential

Yes, the keyboard is an extremely essential part of any PC. Even if a single key is broken, it affects every action. Because of this, people often invest on a decent keyboard for their computers. Whether for work, play, or casual use, a good keyboard is essential. Many people take their passion for keyboards to the next level. While it is perfectly acceptable to use any $10 keyboard from your local tech store, others prefer the quality of mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical Mastery

So what is the appeal of these versions? Why do people pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for a single keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards offer an upgrade in terms of sound and touch. The keys have switches that ‘click’. Regular keyboards simply do not possess such a trait. While it can be perceived as something minor, it makes a big difference in long-term use.

Mechanical keyboards have that satisfying sound each time you press a key. In function, it also makes typing a lot more enjoyable.

A Quality Product

Apart from the feels and sounds, a mechanical keyboard also offers a lot more in terms of durability. Each key has their own spring system, capable of over 50 million clicks before showing wear and tear. Add backlights and replaceable keys, and you have a superior keyboard fit for any task.

Another perk of mechanicals is the tactile feedback. This means that keys are easier to press, and it takes less effort to input your data. These key switches make it easier for one to press the individual buttons. This can help increase typing speed as well as providing more convenience on the user.

Mechanical Downsides

While mechanical keyboards have amazing benefits, they also have some drawbacks. The main drawback is the price. ‘Original’ mechanical keyboards can range from a hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand. This may seem like an unreachable price, considering PC hardware can also go for the same amount. People may not want to spend that much for a keyboard. However, those who do invest never go back to basic versions.

Last Words

Think of it this way – you use your keyboard for nearly every PC use. All programs, games, and tasks all require keyboard input. If you plan to use your PC a lot, you may as well have decent gear. Programmers, writers, and even video game players all prefer the quality of mechanical keyboards to regular ones.

Another issue is the noise. The clicky sound, while pleasing to the ears, may annoy people around you. Think of it this way – you do not mind the noise you make, but you mind it when others make them. The same goes for keyboards. People may find it annoying to hear constant clicking. For office use, you may want to consider your neighbors before getting one.

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