Delayed Samsung Galaxy A3 Update to Oreo

If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy A3, you should first postpone the desire to upgrade the Android version on your phone. Because some Galaxy A3 known to be problematic shortly after the Android version update to Oreo.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5

This problem was first revealed from one of the users in a discussion forum on the Samsung community page. The user complained about the bootloop on the phone as well as the battery that lasted less than 4 hours after updating the Android version.

The problem then makes the smart phone to reboot or restart abruptly by itself. Then the phone suffers a freeze or crash and can not respond to any command from the user. “I have done a factory reset to check whether it is caused by one of the applications or not, but it was not

Even though it has been reset, this problem continues to happen,” said user of Samsung Galaxy A3 as quoted from the community page. samsung .com , Thursday (31/5/2018). Other users who are experiencing similar issues are also responding to this complaint.

According to them this error occurs if the phone is connected to a certain WiFi. “I’m having the same problem as other users.When the phone is connected to a certain WiFi, the phone stops instantly and gets hotter.It happens, I can not do anything except force-out the phone,” wrote another user.

This problem is allegedly derived from a bug that is in the update released by Samsung some time ago. It is most likely that the problem is not detected when the test is in beta stage and then appears unexpectedly. Nevertheless, the Samsung still has not commented further related to this issue.

There is no solution that can be done as a handling step. However some users recommend that the phone is not connected on WiFi for a while. This kind of event is not the first time that happened. Some time ago, a similar thing happened on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices. The problem is similar.

After updating Android versus Oreo, some devices are reported to have bootloop alias restart by itself and crash. After learning of the problem, Samsung immediately stopped the launch of operating system updates for the time being. Even the South Korean-based company did not give an approximate deadline, when the operating system update process will resume.


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