A World with Free Internet Connection

Drones are the future – in more ways than one. While they can deliver packages and record breathtaking views, they may soon give you free internet connections. Yes, there have been many projects over the past few years aiming to do just that. Companies such as Facebook and Google have been working on a massive drone that can be portable Wi-Fi hotspots.

In theory, these drones (the size of airplanes) can move from city to city for years. Everyone within range of these drones can receive an internet signal, which can in turn end the reign of service providers.

A Free Internet

With seemingly everyone having their own mobile device, a free connection to the internet would be the futuristic goal. Instead of having to pay monthly subscriptions for limited data, people would rather flock to areas offering free Wi-Fi. This strategy is so popular that in fact, businesses who offer free Wi-Fi have more foot traffic on them.

For a lot of places, internet connections can be tough. They can be slow, limited, or expensive. Internet service subscription can be very expensive. They can also be very slow. These subscriptions, especially on mobile, also often have data restrictions. Going over the download cap would mean a very slow service – if not a disconnection altogether.

Problems Solved with Wireless

Maintenance can also mean hours, days, or even weeks without a stable internet connection. For rural areas, these issues compound immensely. A free internet connection, provided by a drone flying overhead, can be the future we need. It can provide high-speed wireless connections. This means fewer chances of errors and abruptions caused by wiring and location.

With options more available to the public, this can even release the stranglehold of internet providers. Today, you see contracts and plans to access steady internet – all at very expensive rates. With these drones as new players, change may soon come.

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